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on the Road with Eastern

Roll the Bones 2016

We want to thank everyone that came out. We had 40 sign up for the run and 25 bikes. All in all we thought that to be a very good turn out considering the temps stayed below 50 all day. It was a brisk ride to say the least. Everyone bundled up and it looked like everyone that made it had a great time. That was in no small part due to the route Mike mapped out for us. The Roll the Bones Run is building a tradition of having an exciting route that is sure to offer something new for everyone.

We'd like to thank all the businesses that helped make our run a success. The sign in was at The Oasis in Penfield, IL. A great place to start as the coffee was hot and strong and the biscuits and gravy helped get the riders filled up. At 11 AM sharp it was off to Rolling Hills Campground where a moment of silence was held to honor Chuck Masey owner of Rolling Hills who recently passed and all the riders we've lost in the past year. The next stop was The Pour House in Rossville, IL. After a short stay to warm up a bit it was time to head off to Carbondale, IN and visit the Carbondale Tavern. Good people, good food and big hearts. Their donation to the Eastern Illinois ABATE Toyz Run was a very pleasant surprise. From there we pointed the bikes back east and enjoyed the rolling hills of Indiana and had a nice ride along the Vermilion River south of Danville till we found our way to Grape Creek. Rosie's was very welcoming and it was a great place to warm the toes and fingers again. It wasn't long and it was time to head to the last stop Charlie's in Homer, IL. Charlie has some really good pizza.

Most probably would have liked it to be a bit warmer but at the end of the day it turned out to be a great run. Hats off to Terry Baker and Mike Mahorney for planning the run. Jerry Reifsteck did a great job rolling the bones. Thanks to all the riders for making it safe and fun. Jerry ended up with the high hand. Howdy Mills had low hand and Cathy Jackson won the 50/50 membership drawing. And as always, we encourage you to support the businesses that support us. So in your travels this summer be sure to visit The Oasis, The Pour House, Carbondale Tavern, Rosie's and Charlie's. Ride safe! We'll see you all at the Summer Boogie first full weekend in June.

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