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Illinois Budget Problems Put Motorcyclists At Risk

There are two days left in this year's fiscal budget for Illinois. And there is no budget resolution in sight. Yesterday the Illinois Department of Transportation shared with site directors of the Cycle Riders Safety Training Program that if no budget agreement is reached the Motorcycle Safety Program will be dismantled. This would be a terrible outcome for motorcyclists in the State of Illinois. The MSP has been training motorcyclists for over 40 years in the safe operation of their motorcycles. It is a program that directly save lives.

See below the information shared with CRSTP site instructors. I encourage you to call your State Representatives and State Senators urging a budget resolution. There is no time to waster. We have 48 hours to save this important safety program.

"****This message is being sent to all University of Illinois Instructors and Range Aides*** It is with great sadness that I feel the need to share the news of yesterday, directed towards all four regional centers, including the University of Illinois Motorcycle Rider Program. I received a phone call yesterday, from the Illinois Department of Transportation that was a message relayed from the Secretary of Transportation. Tomorrow, there will be one final push to pass a state budget. That budget has funding for the CRSTP and would fully fund it. However, if that budget is not passed tomorrow, IDOT has instructed us that we are to no longer carry out ANY classes. Essentially, this program will be shut down for good on July 1, 2016. Our full time staff will have 30 days continued employment in order to shut the doors and our 40+ year run will come to an end and classes will come to an abrupt end I want to thank you all for the many fine years we have all worked together and I wish you all well in your future endeavors. If you have all have the passion that I believe you do, I would suggest contacting your local political leaders TODAY to share your frustration. Additionally, I would suggest flooding the Governor’s office with phone calls and even reach out to our friends at ABATE. Given the previous two years of our budget stalemate, I must admit that I am a bit pessimistic this budget will pass tomorrow. But, let’s all keep our fingers crossed. Please look for an email from our office on Friday or Monday that describes the future of the MRP. Again, thank you all for your years of service and let’s hope a budgets gets passed tomorrow. Sincerely, Erik Hanks, Project Coordinator"

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