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on the Road with Eastern

Why should you join ABATE?

A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education

What does A.B.A.T.E. do:

· We have trained instructors who teach a Riders Safety Course, focusing on safety and proper operation of a motorcycle

· We present motorcycle safety and awareness programs in schools

· We work with our Government of Federal, State and local levels, fighting for your rights and against unfair practices of the motorcycle, off road and ATV communities

· We promote unity through the involvement in our community

Because of A.B.A.T.E.

· Federal funding has been cut for Motorcycle Only Checkpoints

· Motorcycle modification-you now may have vertical license plates, taller ape hangers and brake lights that flash prior to showing as a steady red light

· Penalties for traffic violations have been reduced

· The ‘Red Light Law’-when at a red light controlled by a sensor and the sensor does not recognize your motorcycle you may legally proceed with caution through the light after waiting a minimum of 120 seconds

· Wearing a helmet is not required in Illinois

Benefits of Membership

· We have full-time consultants monitoring legislation effecting the motorcycle community at State and Federal levels though the Political Action Committee (A.B.A.T.E.-PAC) and Federal Action Committee (A.B.A.T.E.- FED-PAC)

· We have a Legal Services Program with an Attorney (Rod Taylor at 1-800-25-RIDER) who supports A.B.A.T.E and your way of life.

· You will receive a $3000 Accidental Life Insurance policy. For FREE, no strings

· We off free roadside service through our Road Hazard and Downed Rider Programs. You will receive a card to carry, that list member who will come to your aid, should you break down

· We have Safety and Education Programs

· You may access a monthly paper on-line highlighting each chapter, area events and current updates on legislation

· You will receive a membership card, Logo patch and yearly rocker patches

· You can purchase products with our logo to support the cause (ie: shirts, huggies, window clings and patches just to name a few)

· And last, but in no way least, you will be aware of quality events that are fun and support the cause

Local Chapter Events

· Annual Motorcycle Runs such as:

o The Spring Fever Run (our first run of the year)

o The Roll the Bones Run (our memorial run in honor of members no longer with us)

o The Toyz Run (benefits local charities, children’s homes and long term care facilities)

· Attendance at other events throughout the year such as:

o Motorcycle Awareness Rally (local and Springfield)

o Broomstick Tournament

o Screw Your Neighbor Tournament

o Halloween Party

o Christmas Party

o Other events as scheduled

Heading 3

© 2016 Eastern Illinois Abate, Inc.