8th Meeting -, Pizza Pub in Rantoul, activity meeting @ 12:30, regular meeting @ 1:00.

21st Broomstick – @ Goldy’s Bar & Grill in Champaign, 12 – 6. $5 entry fee.

For more info: Zach 217-721-8669

ASM 2015 Classes


A.B.A.T.E wants you!
A.B.A.T.E is about Freedoms not Helmets. Politicians are always looking for ways to take away freedoms from the people they are suppose to be serving. We fight against all laws that unfairly target the biking community. We don't care if you ride a Scooter or a Boss Hoss, wear a helmet or not. Everyone one is welcome, come to a meeting and see for yourself.


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