Safety and Education is What ABATE Does

One of the principle reasons ABATE of Illinois exists is education. Education about motorcycles and motorcyclists is perhaps the single most important ABATE function. Education helps eliminate discriminatory stereotypes and raise awareness.

The efforts of Eastern Illinois ABATE’s Safety and Education Coordinator benefits motorcyclists in East Central Illinois and throughout the State every day. Each year Eastern Illinois ABATE’s Safety and Education Coordinator and other members from Eastern Illinois ABATE teach Motorcycle Awareness classes in more than 15 different school districts in Champaign and Vermilion Counties.

The Motorcycle Awareness Program was developed by ABATE of Illinois in cooperation with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Motorcycle Awareness and Safety Program of Greater Illinois to teach new and inexperienced riders how to look for and interact with motorcycles in traffic. In Champaign and Vermilion Counties Eastern Illinois ABATE presents instruction in more than 60 classrooms each year. Through these instructional presentations over 1100 soon to be new drivers are taught the importance of being aware of motorcycles when they drive.

The value of these Safety and Education efforts cannot be measured. The Safety and Education program is directly responsible for saving lives and helping motorcyclists get home safe when they ride each and every day. Think about it. In 10 years Eastern Illinois ABATE has instructed over 10,000 future motorist. These classes are being taught all across the state by more than 60 individual ABATE chapters. ABATE of Illinois and Eastern Illinois ABATE have been around for 30 years. By the numbers hundreds of thousand of motorists have educated about the importance of being aware of motorcyclists through the efforts of ABATE of Illinois

The Safety and Education Motorcycle Awareness program is not limited to Driver’s Education classes. The program is available to be presented to private driver’s education classes or any group or civic organization of ten or more drivers interested in improving their driving skills related to interacting with motorcycles while driving. For more information contact Eastern Illinois ABATE Safety & Education Coordinator Mike Mahorney. Phone: 217-504-3124

Visit our Safety and Education Links page for links and helpful information related to motorcycle safety and education.

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