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One of the most important and primary functions of ABATE is to serve as a legislative watchdog. It is vital that we remain
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One of the principle reasons ABATE of Illinois exists is education. Education about motorcycles and motorcyclists is perhaps the single most important ABATE function.


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What We Do

About Us

ABATE exists to protect the rights and safety of motorcyclists.

Our Mission

ABATE is a political grassroots organization invested in protecting the rights of all motorcyclist and those interested in motorcycling.

A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education. ABATE of Illinois is organized for charitable, educational, civic, benevolent, social, and athletic purposes, including such purposes as the promotion of motorcycle use, acceptance, safety, and enjoyment. Said purposes include promoting of motorcycle interests of the corporation’s members and affiliates. Said corporation is further organized to undertake such interactions, including lobbying and litigation support, with various governmental bodies as may be necessary or desirable to promote the motorcycling interests of the corporation’s members and affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! ABATE helps state legislators draft laws that keep motorcyclists safe.

ABATE educates the public on motorcycle safety by…

Membership, events, etc…

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